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Hello, I am Mihir Paldhikar

Currently i am 15 years old.

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Mihir Paldhikar

Hello World!

I am MihirPaldhikar. I am 15 years old boy from Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

My Skills

HTML CSS JS . Web Design. Android App Development. C Language

HTML 85%
CSS 80%
Android App Development 95%
C Programing 60%

Android App Interface Design

User Interface is the most important need to the user who is using the digital technology.


Coding is the very basic thing that one shoult know to write a program. Ever app, website, etcare the magic of programing

My Experiences

My Steps To Programing World

Android App Development 16 July 2017

My First "Hello World" Android App Whas Build On My 14th Birthday That Is 16 July.

WebSite Development 23 September 2015

I Developed My First WebPage When I Was Studing In 7th Standard.

My Education

Education is a Base of life

10th Standard May 2018

Currently i am studing in 10th Standard.

No Code Is Ever Wrong But The Matter Is How Do You Utilize It.

- Mihir Paldhikar